What's On

29 March 12PM

The Queen's Head Treasure Quest

If you enjoy our weekly quiz, you'll love this. We start at midday and you are handed a set of three clues. The clues will lead you too and around areas of Hammersmith, Kensington and Shepherds Bush where you will be lead to a half way point. Here, we can enjoy a beer and you'll recieve your next lot of clues. The clues can be tricky and they are well thought out. It takes skill and knowledge to crack them!

The Quest is a great afternoon out with friends or family, children are also welcome but please be warned that there can be a lot of walking involved.

For further infomation on our treasue quest visit www.adventurequizzes.com

Monday to Friday, 8am

Coffee Mornings @ The Queen's Head

We are going to be opening @ 8am, Monday to Friday when we will be serving teas and coffees as well as a selection of pastries.

Come and indulge and get your morning off to a good start!

Every Monday, 8pm

Quiz Night

Indulge in a test of general knowledge with our great weekly pub quiz

Test yourself against some of the best minds in Hammersmith to see who'll take home the bragging rights.